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Nameless Threat (Part 2)

We were watching my mother-in-law make her way through the small airport wearing bright pink pants and a wild shirt. She was hard to miss as she bee-lined for the counter. Two seconds later we heard the loudspeaker: “Will Mr. … Continue reading

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Nameless Threat (Part 1)

There are some things in life you just can’t control. I’ve come to the conclusion that family is probably the most unpredictable, and old women are the worst. My husband’s mother called last week and told me she was coming … Continue reading

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Ecological Home Economist Saves the Day!

Melody was looking down the barrel of a gun into the eyes of a bank robber. She smiled warmly and he looked startled. Mel was very pleased because her morning had been exactly like all her other mornings and she … Continue reading

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